Monday, November 8, 2010

Looking for land

We've been wanting to move out of the city for a long time. I was born and raised in the country. Kati, despite always living in the city, has many traits that make her a good fit for country life. After we made the decision years ago, we started casually looking for land. In March 2009, we thought we had found it - a little place in the country about a mile north of Denton, NE. It was about 20 minutes drive to where I was working. It was a very cheap house because it had been foreclosed on recently. This place was a 3 + 1 bedroom, 2 bath house on 3 acres. It was a ranch style with a large kitchen and a formal dining room. Though it had its issues (like a leaky patio door, some bad carpet, and no garage), it would have made a great house for our family with a completely unfinished walkout basement just waiting to become extra bedrooms and play areas. We weren't the only ones to see it - in fact while we were seeing the house, another group came through. We put in our offer and it came down to the terms as both ours and another buyer were the same price. Unfortunately, the bank chose to go with another buyer.

I guess it shows that God had other plans for us.

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