Thursday, November 18, 2010

Listing our house

As mentioned before, we had to sell our house before we could start construction. We spent a week getting everything ready. Throughout the spring we had painted all the bedrooms, resealed the deck, and upgraded the bathroom fixtures. We polished the house up, packed away our unneeded stuff, and cleaned up the yard. Finally, the first week of August everything was ready.

Two nights before we listed the house, Jeremy had a voice mail from a real estate agent. This agent said that he had a buyer who was wondering if we might want to sell the house. Upon further investigation, we found out that it was actually the previous owner of the house. She had recently divorced and wanted to move back here because it held a lot of good memories for her. Unfortunately, she needed to sell the house she was in right now.

We listed the house FSBO, placing a sign in our yard, putting an ad on, and putting it on, and Jeremy also made a website to advertise it and show pictures.

We had a few people contact us and did a few showings. We had a couple of agents bring people through and a couple of people call for information without ever seeing it. We only had about two weeks of this before we had to take a break.

On August 19th, we were blessed with our third daughter. We took a couple weeks off of marketing. When we started it up again, about the first of September, the market had cooled.

We finally decided to bite the bullet and list with an agent.

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