Monday, November 22, 2010

It's ours!

From the north drive facing south. Our land goes to the
second set of trees you can see. 

September flew by and before we knew it, it was the last week. Our closing date was set for September 30th. Closing was at 4 that day, so we dropped off the girls with a sitter (except the baby who was still too young to leave her Mama). We then drove to the title company where we handed them our big check (we needed 20% down). This wasn't the first time at a title company for us, as we had bought our house that we live in now. However, it was a new experience buying land that didn't have the house on it yet.

From the north drive facing east. Most of the trees in this
shot our on our property.
We signed the papers and were out in about 30 minutes. To celebrate, we got some supper, picked up the girls, and then drove out to our new land.

One of our major concerns was mowing the grass out there. It was 5 acres with most of that covered in grass that came up to Jeremy's shoulders the last time we had visited. However, on this day, we were surprised to find that the grass had been mowed, raked, baled, and the bales removed.

We got the girls out and let them run around a little bit. They really enjoyed the wide open space. We told Clare that this is where we are going to build our castle and she wanted to get started right away. Both girls were encouraging us to "get the shovel and start digging" as if we were going to build our house that night. While it was cute, it did express a feeling we all had to get this process moving faster.

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