Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Now that the house was sold, we needed a place to stay in the mean time. We hunted around and narrowed our options to 5 places. We scheduled showings for each of the places and spent each noon and evening touring them.

The first place we saw was big, but was in a really rough area and the neighbors seemed a little scary. There were both 2 and 3 bedroom apartments available, but the washers were at the end of the hall. It was not a good fit for our family.

The second place we saw was the biggest. It was a 3 bedroom and had an indoor pool. Unfortunately, it was a long way from Jeremy's work and had no washers in the room. It was also fairly pricey.

The third place we saw was a 2 bedroom apartment with a loft. It was blocks from Jeremy's work and it had in unit washer/dryer. The master bedroom had a huge closet and there was a garage available. We really liked this place and had mostly decided on it. However, we had an appointment that night and one the next day.

That evening we saw one more unit, but after seeing the narrow stairway, the distance from Jeremy's work, and the layout, we decided that we were going to be living in the ones we had seen earlier that day. We canceled the appointment we had for that evening and instead went to sign a lease.

We leased an apartment in the Alena Courts division of Chateau Development where we will live until our dream house is ready. We moved in November 19th and 20th with the help of our family (Thanks guys!).

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