Friday, November 19, 2010

Design Time

We knew what we wanted out dream house to look like. There were certain things we really wanted and certain things we didn't. We looked at a number of plans, but nothing looked quite right. When we decided to go with CL Construction, he recommended a drafter that he had worked with before.

We met with Eric one Friday at the end of July. We brought with us printouts of a dozen different house plans. We showed him the style we wanted, the things we liked from one plan or another, and the requirements we had. Eric spent about two weeks drawing up the first draft. After that, we went back and forth a couple of times with him to get it exactly how we wanted it. In the end, we got a design that we were really excited about.

Here are some of the preliminary designs:
This is the front view of our house

This is the upper floor. We did make a few changes to the design. These included moving the master closet mostly into the bonus room and making the door to the bonus room be in the hall. 

This is the main floor. There weren't many changes to the layout of this floor.

This is the basement. We added a window in the upper left side of this so that we might be able to put in another bedroom some day. We also have a bathroom hashed in and the area under the porch excavated as a storm shelter.

The finished plans were in our hands on October 3rd and we were one step closer to our dreams.

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