Monday, November 15, 2010

Land Ho!

We had decided to hold off on looking for a while after the last house fell through. We pulled our house off the market and lived through a really rough autumn. Jeremy changed jobs and so now instead of working on the south edge of town, he works on the east side. I guess God knows what He is doing because if either of the other houses had worked out, he would be driving 30 minutes each way. Our new plan was to work on saving up a good down payment for a new place and then we would look again. Jeremy just couldn't help himself and so from time to time he would check for what was available. And then one day this happened:

CHAT TRANSCRIPT (April 19th, 2010)

Jeremy: So I know I'm not supposed to be looking at land right now, but I came across a few listings I'd like to check out.
Kati: Where?
Jeremy: One is 5 acres at 190th and Van Dorn and [blah, blah, blah]
Jeremy: Do you want to make a trip out to see it?

Kati: When would we schedule one for?
Jeremy: How about over lunch? It's just land, so there isn't a house.
Kati: OK. I'll try to get the girls ready. What time?

Jeremy: 11:30?
Kati: OK. We'll see you around then.

We drove out to see this place and a couple of others. It was 9.5 miles from work. Kati and the girls picked me up at work and we drove down the dirt roads. We pulled over the hill, and we both saw it...

We drove near it and then pulled into the drive and saw the trees, the expansive plains, the draw with a small stream - this was a very nice place. We looked at a couple of other lots, but that was our favorite. The next day we emailed the listing agent about covenants and to see if she had any other information about the property.

She replied a couple of days later and after reviewing it, we knew that we liked it. We decided to hire a Realtor to represent us and answer questions we had about wells, septic tanks, and other things that could hold us up.

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