Thursday, November 11, 2010

Looking for land (Part 2)

Kati in the kitchen
We continued looking for a place to grow our family and in late May 2009, we found another place. This was in a development on the outskirts of Hickman, NE. It was about 10 minutes to work for me. It was a multilevel with 3 bedrooms, 2 1/2 baths, a big kitchen, a 3 stall garage, and a flex room that would have served as a school room/office until we could finish the basement (room for 2 additional bedrooms). The big issue was that it was in a development on about 1/3 of an acre. We've had some troubles with neighbors and it was right next to two houses, so we weren't sure about that either.

The other half of the front of the house
The front door

 We put in an offer and after a little negotiation, we were able to reach an agreement contingent upon the sale of our current house. We were very excited and began packing right away. Within 10 days we had our house listed and most of our stuff either given away or stored. Things looked good at first: showings three days a week, dozens of people coming through open houses, and people giving good reviews. Unfortunately, this was at the time when the market was weak, people were looking for huge bargains, and nobody was in the hurry that we were.

The girls loved the stairs
After 60 days, our offer on the Hickman house expired. When we asked the seller to extend it, he played hardball, telling us that he would extend our offer, but we had to set a closing date and remove the contingency. Refusing to allow ourselves to get into a bad situation, we had to walk away from this place as well.

This was hard on us as we were really excited for a new chapter in our lives. God always knows best and he was obviously telling us no - so we learned to listen yet again.

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