Sunday, March 6, 2011

Plumbing and Lighting and HVAC; Oh, My!

We haven't been doing a lot of updates because there wasn't a lot of changes to show. However, in the last week or two we have seen the plumbers complete most of the plumbing, the electrician complete most of the wiring, and the HVAC guys complete the ductwork. The framing, electrical, and plumbing inspections are all set to take place this coming week. Jeremy ran the CAT-5 cables for a home network and phone lines with a little help from Kati and the girls. Here are some updated pictures:

In this shot, you see the electric, the Cat 5 and the HVAC
in our kitchen.

The girls love the rainbows of colors in the rafters.

More plumbing that runs above our dinette.

The chase goes from the basement to the attic
running HVAC, plumbing, and electric between

Jeremy is proud of his masterpiece. However, Clare said
that his office is already a big mess.

The upstairs hallway.

The girls bathroom's dressing room will be here.

The girls bathtub.

The HVAC running all over our attic to keep us warm.

Our laundry room.

The bar area in the kitchen. Clare is very concerned about the mess.

More plumbing.
Everything but the kitchen sink... oh wait - that goes here.
The can lights installed above our stair well.

One more thing before we close:

For anyone who reads this thinking they may build someday while they have small children, we have some advice that will ease any labor you have to do at the house.

  1. Work in the early afternoon when it is warm out (if you build in the winter).
  2. Bring activities - even something as simple as rolling an empty wire spool around will suffice.
  3. Plan on everything taking twice as long as you expected unless you have a babysitter with you.
  4. And the most important tip we can give is - in the time before the toilets have been installed, always, ALWAYS bring one of these: 

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  1. It's amazing that, inside the beautiful walls and floors lies a huge network of wires and pipes wrapped around your house, just like any modern house. It’s like looking at the skeleton, nerves and blood vessels in our body. Same with other pipes and wires, it's important for the HVAC lines to go along with the whole house layout, so that anything will come into order before covering them with walls and ceilings.