Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sunday Updates

After Mass on Sunday, it has become our weekly tradition to go out and visit the house. We drove out today even though it has only been a couple of days since we were there last. As we drove up, we noticed the shingles are on the roof - no, they aren't laid, but they are in their packages on the roof. They are supposed to knock that out on Monday. The HVAC guys worked on Friday and will resume Monday. This week we may see visits from the plumber and electrician, too. Another busy week and we will hopefully be able to see lots of progress. Unfortunately, most of it is hard to show here, so we'll try to keep up to date with what they are working on until the drywall comes in and changes how everything looks. Until then, here are some pictures to enjoy!
Our front door - We may paint this once everything is up and we see how it looks.

Our front porch is poured now... soon enough we can sit out
and watch the sunset.

Our ventilation system is being run up the chase.

The HVAC isn't all installed yet. We hope that they aren't
expecting us to install this stuff.

We might need to contact Chris -
the bathtub doesn't belong in the bedroom :)

The sliding doors in the walkout basement.

More HVAC stuff. It is amazing how much it takes to heat
and cool a house.

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