Friday, February 18, 2011

Windows and doors

School Room windows

Bernadette in the kitchen standing by the framework for the counter.

Clare standing in the kitchen.

Southwest bedroom

West bedroom

Southeast bedroom

Bonus Room

West bedroom

Bernadette took this picture looking out the office window.

The floor of the upstairs from underneath

Living room

The doors going out from the dinette to where we will have our deck.

The house from behind (the east side of the house.

Clare thinks the house is GINORMOUS!

Bernadette took a picture of her shadow.
Clare playing with the dirt out back.

Front view of the house.

As you approach...
Hope you enjoy the pictures! We will be posting more next week. As we were leaving, the HVAC guys were showing up, so they will be getting that installed soon.

One side note - this was the first time the girls have been upstairs - normally Jeremy just went up because it wasn't finished yet and has been rather cold. They played for a long time outside after we walked through the house. This is also the first time Felicity has been in the house as it was always too cold and so she would nap in the van.

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