Sunday, February 13, 2011

The white house

After a long week for our family fighting the stomach flu, we finally were able to get back out to see the progress. We were very excited by all the progress made. The outside is completely covered with both the plywood and the white wrap.

The front of the house.

Clare was a little concerned by the leak in our living room.
We told her that it wouldn't be there when the house was
finished, but she has her doubts.

Our school room - we discovered one potential problem here:
there is a nice view of the creek here and it may cause little
eyes to be distracted. Oh well, at least they will have an
appreciation for nature. 

Jeremy explains the layout of the main floor bathroom.

The kitchen still looks the same.

The dining room.
The steps going upstairs.

This is the southeast bedroom.

The master bedroom. Note the trusses for a cathedral style ceiling.

Master closet.

Bonus room facing the west.

The steps going downstairs.

From the driveway. Bernadette things our white house looks pretty.

North side.

East side.

South side.

West side (from the front).

Chris told us that we should be getting the roof put on this week and then come the windows and doors. By this next weekend (or possibly the one after that) we might have a sealed up house!


  1. Wow!!! It is looking great! It will be done before you know it. Can't wait to come and see it in person.

  2. That's so awesome! Congrats on getting your beautiful new house!!