Thursday, March 24, 2011


The drywall crew was hard at work today and got the drywall hung in the whole house. Chris had put up the stuff in the garage so that they could insulate, but everything else is now done - it is crazy how much different everything looks, but we are very excited to see the progress.

The garage

The school room

The main floor bathroom.

The kitchen

This is the bar in the kitchen

The kitchen ceiling

The living room

Dining room


Stairwell going downstairs

Girls room

Baby room

Bonus room entry

Bonus room inside

The master bedroom. We are very pleased with how the
cathedral style ceiling turned out.

Master bath

 The picture of the girls bath didn't turn out - not that any of these pictures will win an art show, but... hey it was almost dark and we were in a hurry.

Stairs going down from the upstairs.

So while there is still a lot to do, we are making progress and it is very exciting for us. Chris told us to be ready to paint in less than 2 weeks - any volunteers?


  1. So excited for you. Love how it's all turning out. Can't wait to see how the school room turns out once your all done painting and decorate it. What curriculum do use? I'm following Confessions of a Home Schooler and she's given me a great starting off point but I need all the advice I can get. Hoping to get organized and start homeschooling Aiden in May. We're doing little things now w/ a more Unschooling approach but I really want to start a good home school routine.

  2. oh, you don't want me painting! Looks amazing! What a difference walls make, huh?