Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Siding Dilemma

About a month ago we took one of Jeremy's lunch hours to visit with a siding company here in Lincoln to pick out our siding, shingles, shutters, and gutters. They had a really neat computer program that would show a house similar to ours in design and they could change the colors of the siding, shutters, etc and show us how it would look. We had picked a medium blue color from the swatches they had and we shocked when they pulled it up and it appeared green on the program. We checked the other blue, a very light blue color by the swatches, but it looked perfect when we pulled it up in the program. We were assured that it would look that way and that siding looks a lot bolder when there is a lot of it on a house. We were also told to drive by a nearby neighborhood and see a house that would have the same color siding and shingles as ours. When we drove by, we were very happy with our choice.

Weeks went by as they always do and soon the siding was sitting in boxes in our garage and then they began putting it on today (Wednesday, March 23). We happened to decide to drive out that day and discovered, much to our dismay, that these colors did not in fact match. They were very different.

We quickly called Chris, who called the siding company representative who called his men to stop putting it on. We then were called back to go in an meet with him to get the whole thing straightened out. We quickly got the problem solved and so now we await phase 2 of siding - hoping for better results this time around. The siding company did treat us very well when we went back in and we would highly recommend them so far - except we think their computer program needs a little work.  

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