Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Painting - Take 2

The painting is winding down. We now only have the laundry room and a second coat on the closets left to go. We are hoping to get those finished up in the next couple of days. On another note, our power has officially been trenched in as of yesterday! That line still needs to be hooked up, so our temporary line is still the "hot" wire, but soon they will get that changed. 

Here are some more pictures of our painted rooms:

This is the girls' room. The bottom is a darker purple color (like grape soda)
and the top is a pinkish purple (like raspberry sherbet).

Our bonus room is a gray color called "Wet Pavement". Not the prettiest
room in the house, but it will definitely be good for what we intend it for.

We really like how the master turned out. Jeremy had his doubts about
whether we could pull off the stripe in here and in the girls room, but
it turned out really nice. We really like the light blue/ dark brown combination.
 A special thanks to Adam for use of his laser level! 

Bernadette and Clare were out of town this weekend. They went to stay with
Grandma Patti. We missed them a lot, but worked hard so that when they got
back, we could surprise them with their room and ours. They loved both of them.
Bernadette wanted to showcase our room in this shot.

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