Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Painting - Take 1

We are making good headway painting. As of today, Wednesday April 13th, we have the school room, kitchen, living room, dining room, office, entry way, stair well, upstairs hallway, guest room, baby room, and master bathroom completed. We still have a small amount of the girls bathroom to finish as well as the master bedroom, the girls bedroom, the laundry room, downstairs bathroom, and bonus room to paint. Also, we will put a coat on the closets. Lots left to be done, but with our great help this past weekend, we made great progress.

The school room is a pale orange.
You might notice handprints on the walls - those were intentional.
The bar area in the kitchen. Our kitchen, dinette, living room,
and the entry way are faint maple - a light brown color.

The living room.

The dining room is a deep red - almost cranberry in color.
However, the light coming in makes it look kind of pink in this picture.

This is a little better idea of what it looks like.

The office is a deep green. It is called Grandmother's Linen.

The stairwell and upstairs hallway are a deep
steel blue called Twilight blue. 

Bernadette shows off the upstairs hallway.

The guest room is a periwinkle. 

The baby room is a canary yellow - very springy.

The girls bathroom is a sky blue.

That is just plastic - we aren't crazy enough for a green shower... yet.

The master bathroom is a lighter olive.

Some of the colors are hard to see on a picture - the flash makes it difficult to show the real color. You'll have to come see for yourself once it is finished. We are working hard on the master bedroom and girls room as those rooms are getting a special paint job.

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  1. NICE! wow...but I think I'll need to see it in person when it's finished ;)