Friday, December 10, 2010

Meeting the neighbors

While we were out looking at our footings, a guy pulled up and introduced himself. His name was Kevin and he is the neighbor that lives down the shared driveway.

After talking to him for a while we learned that about the neighbors, about the land around us, and a little about the history of our acreage.

Apparently, he first listed it in 2006. He advertised in the local papers and was approached by a guy to look at it. The guy said our acreage wasn't exactly what he was looking for, but offered to buy the spot where Kevin's house is along with our land. For the 10+ acres, he first offered $300,000. While it was tempting, Kevin thought it was a joke. The guy then offered $350,000. Kevin still held firm. The guy offered $400,000, but Kevin thought the guy was just messing with him and said "No deal".

A couple nights later, Kevin was watching the news and was surprised to see the guy on TV, being interviewed and asked what he would do with his lottery winnings. He was one of the guys that split the huge jackpot!

Well after a couple of months, Kevin listed the property with an agent. It was viewed a number of times, and quickly swiped up by a couple. He was a lawyer in Lincoln. She was a nurse in Council Bluffs. They were excited to get started and began to look into building their house. However, over the next few months, they decided to relocate. We're not sure where they moved to as we have heard Minnesota, Omaha, Council Bluffs, Auburn, and various other locations. At any rate, the listed the land. Interestingly enough, the land, which had been a huge draw last time it was on the market, lasted almost a year before we first discovered it. It could have been because on the real estate website it was shown as being 4 miles east of its real location. Then came that day when we found it... and the rest, as they say, is history (which can be read in our blog).

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