Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Can you dig it!?!

Chris sent us some more pictures tonight. They got the hole dug. They put down some special sheets that keep the ground from freezing. See the pictures below of our new hole. Don't worry, we're not hobbits. Soon enough our hole will grow into a house.

From the northeast corner of our hole facing southwest.

The blanket marks what will be our garage. Our neighbors
houses can be seen in the background.

The front of our house. This is taken from the garage area
facing south.

This is from the northwest corner of the house (standing in the
garage) and facing southeast. Notice the back comes out flat
 for our walkout basement.
Before leaving for the day, this is a picture taken of the view from our front
porch of what we have to look forward to each evening for years to come.

With the digging done, we look forward to them getting the footings ready. After the footings are set, we should find out what our new address will be.


  1. How exciting! This is going to be GREAT!

  2. We are SO happy for you guys, I am crying as I read this :)