Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Foundation - Check!

The foundation is set! They poured it Thursday, Dec. 16th and took some of the forms down on Saturday. They probably have them all down now. We are hoping that the plumber can make it out and get everything ready for them to pour the basement floor so that they can get that done before Christmas. The cold weather is slowing things up a little, but we are getting closer!

Bernadette stands beside the north side of the house.
She is freezing in case you couldn't tell.

Both girls stand in our "secret room". We decided to put a
storm shelter under the front porch and that is where they
are standing.
This is a view of the basement. Notice the door in the back:
That is where the storm shelter will be.

The view from the northeast corner of the house.

A view from the southeast corner.

This is the inside of our "secret room".

The garage. It is still framed as of this picture.

The south side of our house.

As of now, it looks like they will get started framing after the first of the year, so we are looking forward to that.

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