Monday, April 30, 2012

Operation green thumb

Out garden is mostly planted. We still have a few small things to get (and a few repairs to be made to Jeremy's self watering setup), but we are close to seeing the fruits (err... vegetables?) of our labors.

Bed 2 contains a row of broccoli and a row cauliflower.
The middle row is half and half.

The pepper plants. We have them planted really thick right now
but they consist of 12 sweet bell peppers, 6 jalapenos, and 6 pepperocinis.

The other half of our peppers.

6 tomatoes

6 cherry tomatoes

4 hills of cucumbers. We will put up a trellis for them soon.

Our salad bar - lettuce, romaine, spinach, carrots, beans and peas.
At this time, we only have a few lettuce plants showing as we didn't
give the rest an early start.

We really wanted to get some watermelons and cantaloupe this year, so we have 6 hills of each...

This bed has 4 hills in it - 2 zucchini and 2 yellow squash.

The girls favorite bed consists of 4 pumpkin plants that were started inside.
They are flowering already, so we will have to keep an eye on them.

This bed contains two hills of acorn squash and two of butternut.

We still need to plan our corn and sunflowers, but right now our garden is starting to come together.

Jeremy has all the beds set up to be self watering, but when he tried to start the water tonight, we discovered that the hoses do not stay on securely as advertised. He is going to pick up a few things tomorrow and see if he can get it working.

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