Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Operation Green Thumb - Take 2

Getting ready for this dream garden, we planted a number of plants in early March so that they would be ready to transplant in mid-April. As soon as the garden is ready, we have lots of plants to move.

Cucumbers and pumpkins - probably should have waited a little while
 on these as they were ready to go out about  3 weeks ago.

From the top:
2 rows Cherry Tomatoes
2 rows Big and Beefy Tomatoes
1 row jalapeno peppers
1 row Bell peppers
1 row assorted (when thinning, we transplanted some)
1 row cantaloupe
2 rows blank (pumpkins and cucumbers have been moved)
2 rows broccoli

We also planted Strawberries, pear trees,
a couple types of flowers (for the girls),
Then we have 2 rows of watermelon,
a row of pepperocinis,
a row of sweet peppers,
and 2 rows of cauliflower

Our big planter.

Before we moved into our current house, we
used this table for our family meals. Now it holds
future meals so they get plenty of sun.

With the arrival of our newest family member, Gabriella, we haven't
made a lot of progress on the garden. Jeremy and the girls were able to
get the fabric down and half of the boxes. Another nice evening and we
might be able to fill them up.

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