Thursday, May 5, 2011

Decision Time

This has by far been the hardest decision we've had to make regarding the house.  In the kitchen, there is a bar area with 3 hanging lights over it.  At one time, we had picked out the perfect light covers to hang on the bottom.  However, when we went to install them, they were the wrong size.  So, we went back to the store and picked out 3 that we liked, hoping that once we installed them, the choice would be obvious.  We installed them and we still can't decide.  We are inviting you, dear readers, to be a part of our dream house by helping us decide which of these lights we should keep.  (There is a poll to the right which will be open for a week.)

Here are the three choices...

Choice black:

Up close:

Choice Red:

Up close:

Choice Swirly:

 Up Close:

Help us out, please!


  1. Reason behind my vote: I like that it's a neutralish color. That way if you ever want to redo your kitchen theme you can without having to get new light covers like you would with the red. The swirly one is nice too but personally I don't like to see all of the light bulb. I don't know what it is and I know it sounds funny but I like that the black one hides more of the bulb. LOL

  2. The black camouflages the dust too :)

  3. I like the black one too! :) I like how it would go with just about anything- so it gives you the freedom to decorate the rest of the kitchen however you'd like (and to change it a few years down the road without stressing about color options).

    However, the red ones are super fun- so those with a special gift for decorating could make it look so fun and funky! I bet you could totally pull it off, Kati! :)