Monday, January 17, 2011

Finally Framing

Friday, January 14th marked the beginning of the framing of our house. We drove out Sunday to take a look and were very excited by what we saw.

This is what the back of our basement will look like. We have
a window (the main opening you can see here) and a door
(the opening that is hiding behind the stack of lumber). There
will be another window on the other side but it is harder to see.

CL Construction saved on this lumber at Menards.

This is the other window I talked about earlier. In the lower
left corner of this picture you can see our sump pit.

This will be the main area of the basement. The two black
pillars are the steel supports that will be on either side of
the steps.

This is where our heating and cooling systems will go.

I thinks someone forgot to tell them that our secret room
was going to be part of the house, too.

This was the scene as we approached, letting us know that
they had started.

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